Here's a snippet of Joseph Lyle and I rehearsing a duet at The Sanctuary Studio in Nashville. Keep an eye out for new videos and 3 new originals of mine on Ortega Guitars' FB page and YouTube channel. #NAMM #nashville #newmusic #fretmonkeyrecords #ortegaguitars
Congrats to Ortega Guitars for winning Best in Show and Companies to Watch at Summer NAMM 2017! #ortegaguitars
At The Sanctuary today with Ortega Guitars and Joseph Lyle. πŸŽΈβ™«πŸŽ™πŸ“½
On my way to Arkansas for the night and then on to Nashville for NAMM. Super excited to spend some quality time with my people at Ortega Guitars, Stonebridge Guitars, Journey Instruments, John Pearse Strings, and of course my FRETMONKEY RECORDS family. Rumor on the street is that I've been playing my nylon string a lot lately and will have some brand new music for you all to hear soon in addition to my upcoming album release. #sheNAMMigans #doinwork #gettinthemgains
Hard to believe it's been a year since I released this video!
Had a great set yesterday at #vigf. Looking forward to another today.
Here are some of my favorite guitars from the Vancouver International Guitar Festival today. #vigf
Vancouver is beautiful! I'm excited to be demonstrating for Vellone Guitars on Saturday and Coloma Guitars on Sunday at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival. Come say hey if your in the area. #vigf
When dealing with airport personnel, always be nice and speak with confidence. We know the laws about carrying instruments on board better than they do and we should never be rude, yet never back down. Keep conversations short and sweet, and keep moving forward. I just got to board with an early group, then got past three other workers back to back who didn't think I should have my guitar on board. The guitar is safely on the overhead bin above me now. Stand strong out there, everyone.
Ready for a good time at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival! See everyone soon.
In two weeks I'll be at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival demonstrating with Vellone Guitars and hanging with good people. Stoked to see some good friends and get my paws on some incredible instruments! I hear Vancouver is beautiful this time of year. :)
Hey folks, it's been a busy last few months dealing with life stuff, so I wanted to keep you updated about what's going on in my world. My second and upcoming album, "Cavenaut", is being mastered by Garrett Haines with Treelady Studios at the moment. Tracking, mixing, and co-production with Kendal Osborne with The Closet Studios went really well as always. The album will feature four solo acoustic songs, including my recent single, "The Warden" (which was tracked and mixed at the FMR studio), as well as four songs that were made with collaborating artists. (KJ Zimmerman: violin player and "feels" expert from Oceans Are Zeroes on the song, "Hourglass". Austin Stunkard: Trumpet/Flugelhorn jazz virtuoso and my cousin who added some nice vibes on "Plight". Kevin Blake Goodwin Music: Co-producer and electronic/virtual instrument freak on the track, "Apparition", as well as one of the best guitar players I know of and one of my best friends. Joseph Lyle: Epic electronic soundscape/piano composer and co-producer for the track, "Hindsight", as well as the sweetest guy on the planet and one of my favorite composers and guitarists.) It will have EPIC packaging thanks to Sean de Burca - Graphic Design & Illustration. I'll be working on a crowdfunding project to help make back some of the $$$ I've put into this project and help pay for promotion, marketing, etc. I have no expectations. I just want to try to make this album profitable (if that's even possible in this industry climate). I'm really happy with the level of professionalism and pure genius everyone on the project has contributed and I can't wait to get it into your ears. Stay tuned for more info and take care. FRETMONKEY RECORDS #fretmonkeyrecords #cavenaut #newalbumveryexcite
I just won 3rd place at the Ozark Guitar Competition! Special congrats to Evan Twitty for winning 2nd and the Slapnut Asshole himself, Travis Bowman, who won 1st! He rich now!
The new FRETMONKEY RECORDS Compilation Album: Volume 2 is out today!
Here's a cool pic from Jason Sinn Photography at the FRETMONKEY RECORDS NAMM house in January. The guy on the left is Vellone Guitars and together were holding the V2 model that he built. It's a great instrument and it reminds me of a pirate ship, so I named it "The Black Pearl". #velloneguitars #jasonsinnphotography #theblackpearl #om #pirateship #fretmonkeyrecords #guitarporn #photo #photography #meninblack #galaxydefenders
I'm really enjoying dialing in some sweet tones on this Grace Design Felix preamp. The quality is seriously unbelievable and well worth the money for anyone who wants to take their sound to the next level. #gracedesign #felix #knowyourtone #tone #gearporn #preamp
Finishing up the tracking for the "Cavenaut" EP today! The Closet Studios #theclosetstudios #cavenaut #fretmonkeyrecords FRETMONKEY RECORDS Stonebridge Guitars #stonebridgeguitars #kksound #johnpearsestrings #recordingstudio #recording #studio #newepcomingsoon
You know what's up. Vellone Guitars #velloneguitars K&K Sound Systems #kksound John Pearse Strings #johnpearsestrings #scratchplate #wood #autocad
Shout out to K&K Sound Systems for their excellent design and tone with the new Double Helix magnetic pickup. I have it paired with the Pure Mini in the Vellone Guitars V2 and it's sounding nice and silky. #kksound #doublehelix #velloneguitars
When your dog knows his house is about to become a space ship, but he's down to roll with. Eastman Guitars #eastmanguitars #iplayeastman Dr. Z Amplification #drzamps #remedy #ambient #experimental #pedalboard #spaceship #timemachine
Another pic from my shoot with Keddy B Photography back in December featuring my trusty Furch Guitars/Stonebridge Guitars G24LK. Her name is Florence Welch. πŸ’› #keddybphotography #furchguitars #stonebridgeguitars #florencewelch FRETMONKEY RECORDS #fretmonkeyrecords
I'm happy to announce that I'm now an endorsing artist for Ortega Guitars. My new Striped Suite was waiting for me when I got back home from being out of town over the weekend! I'm loving this guitar! I'm blown away at the amount of overtones and sustain this guitar is putting out. Sounds coming soon... #ortegaguitars #nylon #fretmonkeyrecords